Monday, April 23, 2012

My journey so far...

It was really exciting to finally join Stampin'Up last November after being an avid fan for years. I signed up under Karen williamson who is a fantastic support person and a very talented crafter. I started taking classes at home and doing demonstrations at friends places. This year I'm branching out to find new groups of people and have a few follow up leads at different businesses I've approached. It's early days though and I'm grateful to my regular ladies who come along so I can practise my teaching skills and for now that has been my main focus.
Here are a couple of projects I took in early February to coincide with Valentines day.
Hopefully as I get more experienced with my blogging skills I'll be able to get the colours a little better on my photos and I'm going to try and put a few more things on my blog page down the sides...I'll refer back to my blogging for dummies guide!  :)
Thanks for checking in.  Sally

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  1. Well done Sally, what a great website. I look forward to seeing many more creations.