Monday, October 15, 2012


I have been attending the Stampin' Up! Extravaganza for as long as its been held! It's a fun afternoon with awesome projects taught be different tutors from all over. After joining up to Stampin' Up! I swapped sides from making the projects to making the cups of tea and helping behind the scenes. My goal was to teach at this Extravaganza, held last Saturday, and I achieved that goal! So i'm feeling really chuffed. I designed a Christmas planner, and worked with Karen Williamson to calculate all the materials needed, costs etc and then to prepare the 60 packs. There is a lot of work behind the scenes. The day came and yes I had a few nerves, but not too bad, my first group to teach were some old friends that I use to sit with to make the projects, so they were very supportive and encouraging. I was so relieved when I hadn't forgotten anything and the packs all worked and the planner came out well with lots of admiring comments.
It was a great day, working with some very talented other demos and especially the support of Karen.

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