Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

For Mothers day classes we did a range of projects. at the kids class i new I had some siblings coming so I needed to have two options of cards and of gifts so they could choose a different one each to give to mum. So I had 12 children to make one card and one gift each, 4 different projects on the go at once! I certainly worked hard that afternoon in the 1 1/2 hr class. As always I had prepped a good amount which generally made things run smoothly.
I have recently bought blossom party originals die. i am loving that, I have made a big box full of colours and sizes and the kids love being able to just choose for themselves. Its also really great to have on hand to just make a quick card myself.
The small flower card is a notepad with a sticky note pad in it. The owl bookmark is made with the two tags die, folded over to make a pocket and an over sized paperclip in the back which slides on to books. And here is one of the cards the children made, with lots of different colour choices along this design, so they could add their individual twist.

My kids made me secret cards, my little guy (7) making the collage one by just going through the scrap box and Phoebe making her owl one, I had just bought the word window and she had seen me use it once so had the idea of it. She said the owls were on surfboards!
hope you had a lovely mothers day!

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